About Iknie

I have always found conventional artistic and verbal forms of expression too limited and nationalistic, and that’s why I created Iknie.

Iknie, after the Greek word, “Icon”, is a visual language; a code that combines math, geometry and art to provide a common language for increased dialogue and understanding.

Anyone, regardless of nationality, language, politics or education can understand at a glance the meaning of my art. And anyone can use the individual parts, the Iknies, to create their own art.

 My hope is that Iknies will be used to connect with other people across cultural and political boundaries in a way that is more intuitive and less reliant on conventional modes of communication.

So I encourage you experiment with creating your own Iknies. Feel free to combine the elements in any way that makes sense to you. Explore the endless possibilities and find new ways to connect with your fellow human beings.